Faden's map of London: Buy the redrawn map

William Faden's map of the country twenty five miles round London

Planned from a scale of one mile to an inch, first published 1788, digitally redrawn by Andrew Macnair, 2009.

Orders may be made by email to email@fadensmapoflondon.co.uk.


  • £28.00 per sheet
  • £25.00 per sheet if all six sheets ordered

View an outline plan of the six sheets here.

Post and packing in stout cardboard tubes varies with the number of maps ordered but averages £6.

Prices for custom sheets of individual villages, groups of parishes or areas using adjacent sheets are available on request.

There is also available:

  1. The whole of London: £40
  2. Centre of London: £25
  3. The River Thames: £45

The digitally redrawn map is registered for copyright.

Please note that in the North West map the map plate obscures the parishes of Chartridge, Hawridge and The Lee.

Booklet cover - click to enlarge

Whole map in booklet form

Map of the whole of London and its environs in six sheets in an A4 size booklet with explanatory notes. The sheets are 68cm × 56cm, giving a scale of 1 inch to 0.85 miles. Each sheet slightly overlaps its neighbour, so reducing the risk of a village being ‘on the edge’.

Cost £48

ISBN 978-0-9566198-8-4

ISBN numbers

Digital redrawing of William Faden’s 1790 map of the Country twenty five miles around London in ten sheets.

ISBNTitlePrice in pounds sterling
978-0-9565232-0-4North West London sheet£28
978-0-9565232-1-1North Central London sheet£28
978-0-9565232-2-8North East London sheet£28
978-0-9565232-3-5South West London sheet£28
978-0-9565232-4-2South Central London sheet£28
978-0-9565232-5-9South East London sheet£28
978-0-9565232-6-6Whole of London sheet£40
978-0-9565232-7-3Central London sheet£25
978-0-9565232-8-0River Thames sheet£45
978-0-9566198-8-4Whole of London in six sheets in booklet£48

Publisher: Andrew Macnair.

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